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About Allworks Limited

Allworks Limited started in 2001, and has grown steadily to its current size, employing 24 full time staff and sub contractors for specialist work. Up until 2010, Allworks was named Plants to You. The rebranding was done to better represent the wide range of work we undertake for you. There is no more or less emphasis on Gardening, Building or Landscaping but matching the expertise of our staff members to the job to be carried out for you. We work the greater Wellington Area.


When setting up Allworks, our vision was of a “one stop shop”, which led to us being able to say “We do it all for You”. Our team members complement each other’s skills and areas of expertise, ensuring we give a professional service to our clients.


Where we don’t have the equipment or specialist services ourselves, such as earthworks, large tree removal, we sub-contract these tasks out to others, who we know will complete all work to our own high standards. At all times, you will deal directly with Allworks, ensuring there are open lines of communication, and that the whole job is being run smoothly.


Allworks undertakes a wide range of work, both domestic and commercial. We meet tight deadlines at all times, in partnership with our clients. Challenges that arise are an opportunity for us to come up with a creative solution to meet our clients’ requirements.


Our Team

Our staff are a multi-disciplinary team, with skills and experience in horticulture, landscaping, design and construction. Each unit within the team focuses on their own area of expertise, but work together to get the total job completed.


December 2014 Team Photo