Ngaio Catio

Our first Catio!

With ongoing protection of native species in Wellington this was a fun experience that the whole team got to be part of.

Margaret is a long-term client of ours who’s other work includes a conservatory build and ongoing garden maintenance, it was a no brainer that we were going to get involved with her latest dream to give her own cats and SPCA fosters a safe outdoor space to explore.

Allworks completed the safe space with some custom accessories and cat grass in pots to provide an additional level of stimulation for the cats to explore and enjoy.

"Allworks designed and built a catio for me and my cats. I was impressed with how thorough the designer was. He developed a solution for each problem that worried me about the proposed Catio area, and he went on to find every place in the area from which a cat might escape.

Two builders worked on the job, and I appreciated their careful approach to it. They kept me informed about the progress of the work and completed it within a short timeframe. Everyone involved was pleasant and accommodating and happy to talk about cats with me. Allworks told me that this was the first catio they had done. I am very pleased that they did such an excellent job and highly recommend them to cat lovers throughout the Wellington region."

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