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Garden Clean-ups & Makeovers


Garden Clean Ups

Do you have a wedding or other family celebration coming up soon?

Have you just shifted into a new home?

Have you just purchased a rental property?

About to have a baby, and know your time in the garden will be limited?


Sounds like you need our clean up service. This is very popular with clients who are facing any of the above situations or anyone who just doesn't have the time to do it themselves.


We will come and have a look at your garden, and give you a quote to tidy it up, detailing any specific situations you may have.



Pre-sale Spruce Up

Are you selling your property? Your property's street appeal is so important when it is for sale - first impressions!


Some minor enhancements, planting or replanting the area can add real value. Think ahead so the work can be completed and the plants look established.


We will be happy to come back on a regular basis to make sure it is looking it's best until the time that you sell. Have a look at our Garden Maintenance Page.


Your investment will be worthwhile.



Garden Makeover

Let Allworks come in and "zing" up your garden with a makeover, maybe some additional planting and some mulching, so you can enjoy your easy care garden once again. You'll begin to believe the makeover programmes you see on TV.


Want to make your garden low maintenance?  Let us come in and mulch your garden for you. It's a great way to help suppress weeds and also to help keep moisture in your garden during those hot summer months.



Total Makeover

Is your garden at the stage where it needs a total makeover? We would be happy to assist you with the whole project. From the design to completion, we can do the paths, driveway, courtyard, planting plan, supply and planting of plants, mulching and even arrange the new outdoor furniture.


We have the knowledge and experience to complete the project from start to finish without any worries to you. You will be amazed at the transformation that will take place.