We do it all for YOU

Call 04 939 7782 to arrange your free Consultation.

Consultancy & Problem Solving



We will visit your property to discuss your landscaping problems, and come up with a plan that will provide the answers.


If you are looking for some garden consultancy then for an hourly fee we are happy to visit your property and discuss with you any problems or questions you have. We will give you qualified advice to help solve your problems. You can then implement these ideas yourself, or we can do the work for you.



Problem Solving

With Wellington being so hilly, landscaping and gardening problems can come up quite often. We pride ourselves on being able to solve all of these issues. Recently we had to get a rather large spa up to a new spa house with a few too many steps. We used a helicopter to fly it in - problem solved!!


If you have a garden or landscaping problem and are not sure what to do then give us a call and we can help you solve it. We will take the worry away so you can enjoy the process.


If your garden is too steep then let us come in and quote to have it terraced and made workable. It all adds value to your property.

"A problem is only waiting for a solution."