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Garden Maintenance & Management


The garden maintenance programme is undertaken by our qualified and experienced Plantcare Team.


They will visit your garden on a regular basis – determined by you - undertaking general garden care, including spray and fertiliser where necessary at the correct time of the year.


Your maintenance can be arranged on a fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly programme. This covers the maintenance of gardens, shrubs, trees, lawn maintenance, weeding, feeding, mulching, pruning, pest and disease control.


They will pick up on any potential problems, such as pests, diseases and invasive weeds. Dealing with these types of problems before they become serious means that you are more likely to be able to eradicate them successfully.


If you have plants that need specialist care - roses, fruit trees, espaliered plants of any type, climbers or hedging - you can be assured the correct care of these is included as part of your maintenance calendar.


Rental properties

Our maintenance programme is ideal for rental properties. Landlords in Wellington, and those living elsewhere, use us to maintain their rental properties’ gardens.


No more arguing with the tenants over who is responsible for the garden. No more large back breaking clean-ups when the garden gets out of control. Our regular service relieves you of the hassle and pressure. You can rest easy, knowing that your property is being well maintained.


This also means that when you need to re-let the property, or even put it on the market, there will be no need to rush around organising a garden tidy up.


The cost is claimable against your rental income.


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